Podcast #46 – Blood & Soil

As a nation, we find ourselves careening toward a certain reckoning, an undeniable state of egregious political affairs and social ills that have been generations in the making. Yet, as a nation, we by and large choose to compartmentalize & restrict these ills to  today’s digital vortex; as if they just began. As a result, we express our outrage, shock and disbelief at blatant displays inequality based on race, religion and sexual orientation.

But we all know these things did not just begin. And they definitely didn’t start with Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency of these United States. He’s merely a symptom. He isn’t the disease.

The first thing a physician does when they seek to facilitate a proper diagnosis is to inquire about their patient’s medical history. The first step to diagnosing and resolving current medical ills is to understand the history of how those ills formed in the first place. And so it is with America. While we are undoubtedly the most economically powerful and military capable nation on this earth, we are nonetheless fractured and unwell. We are that family at the reunion who is uncomfortable because no one wants to be honest about what happened years ago. But if we are to ever reach the promise and full potential that this country holds, we must be honest about how our ills began. And our ills, America, began at this nation’s very inception and are written in blood on its founding document. This is our America; it’s a Black, White, Latino, Asian, Muslim & LGTBQ America. But if we ever hope to heal our America, we need to be honest about OUR AMERICA.  Thanks for listening!

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