Podcast #45 – Actor Charles Malik Whitfield

Charles Malik Whitfield is a man that really needs know introduction. He’s portrayed legends like Otis Williams of the Temptation and acted opposite legends like Gene Hackman in Behind Enemy Lines. He’s risen throught he ranks and starred in hit franchises like NCIS, American Horror Story and Fox’s recent smash, Empire. For all his success, he still marvels that he gets to work with innovators like Tasha Smith and that he’s presently working alongside industry titan Tyler Perry for his OWN show, If Loving You is wrong.

But what was great about this conversation is that Malik has an abiding empathy and connection to the underdog, those striving hard to make it. He remembers when he was in that position and he opens up to us in great detail about those tough days at the dawn of his stellar career. His heart is full of encouragement, wisdom and kindness. He believes in the success of others and you will hear him uplift his friends mightily while downplayng his own accomplishments. This was our second time speaking with Malik and he’s still grounded, still maintains the outlook that he’s just a kid from the Bronx doing his best make with a strong emphasis on helpers along in the process. Salute.

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