Podcast #44 – Dr. Anita M. Cal

Being an award-winning author isn’t what makes Dr. Anita M. Cal so exceptional. And the fact that she’s known for writing the TBS family comedies Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns isn’t all that makes her stand head and shoulders above her peers. In our opinion, what makes this Pepperdine graduate and business mogul so irresistably dynamic is her ability to empower others, to kindly and empathetically wrap the fulness of her soul around both the issues and individuals she cares so deeply about and just let her light shine. During our conversation, Dr. Cal speaks with us in candid and refreshing detail about her unlikely rise in the entertainment industry–she didn’t even plan on it–, her take on frienemies–you have to hear this–, and the incredibly moving advice she would give to her twentysomething year old self–prepare to be inspired. Dr. Cal is currently on location in Los Angeles filming the upcoming television series, ‘Beyond the Badge’, which will give viewers a much needed and compassionate window of insight into the everyday lives of members of the law enforcement community. Do yourself a solid and listen to what this incredible individual has to say, trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.

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