Podcast #43 – Signed, Angry Black Man

To those in the ill-informed majority, the idea of an angry black man is seen as a sign of incivility, lack of control or a precursor to some sort of violent act. Even many in the minority, including African-Americans, fear that an angry black man will make them look bad, encroach upon their acceptance in their respective power structure or somehow compromise or besmirch their social standing … Relax, white America. Stop running for cover, black America. Anger is simply an emotion. A natural response in the face of gross injustice. Chief among said injustice is the fact that cops are getting away with the murder of young African American men. Anger in the face of such egregiousness warrants no apology or shame. It warrants a strong and unyielding multiplicity of voices. It warrants strategic mobilization. It warrants landscape-changing fury.

Here, not only is the case for black anger in America made, but we also analyze in meticulous and historical-based detail why said anger is countered with irritation, dismissiveness, slander and condescension. And it will not be well-recieved. Buckle the fuck up.

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