Morning Mashup: Yates & Clapper Clap Back + Comey Just Keeps Bringing the Hits + We Just Puked a Little – Betsy DeVos to Speak at HBCU

Yates & Clapper Clap Back: Easily one of the most anticipated political events of the year,  political and ethics hawks watched with baited breath as former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates and  former United States Director of National Intelligence  James Clapper sat before a  happily partisan senate committee intent of getting to the bottom of two things: For the GOP it was about intelligence leaks and “unmasking” of names. For the Dems it was essentially about why in the world it took Trump 18 days to fire former NSA Director Michael Flynn even after being warned that Flynn was vulnerable to compromise by the Russians. Clapper did an outstanding job of explaining once and for all that unmasking names Is. Not. Illegal. That it’s a tool utilized to put certain intelligence information in context. Unmasking names is no where near the same as leaking intelligence information, as Trump has so recklessly and maliciously tweeted.

Yates, for her part, held strong and composed as she fended off the seemingly condescending questioning regarding the Flynn fiasco as well as her stance with respect to not supporting or defending Trump’s ill-fated travel ban in the earliest days of his presidency. All in all, the duo held up well amidst the red herrings and political pageantry and got the point across clearly that Trump and the White House straight up lied about their version of events leading up to Flynn’s termination as NSA Director. This story is far from over.

Comey Just Keeps Bringing the Hits: So we can imagine that if FBI Director James Comey had one wish, he’d want to be anyone BUT James Comey this week. Today, Comey admitted that his claim to congress about Hillary Clinton aide emails wasn’t true. Well, gee whiz, Comey, thanks for clearing that up, it’s only about 5 months too damn late but thanks anyway. If you will recall, many believe that it was Comey’s letter to Congress on October 28, stating that he was re-opneing the email investigation that was the definitive nail in Clinton’s proverbial electoral coffin. And now, Comey shows up and basically says, “It actually wasn’t that big a deal. My bad.” Well, thanks … asshole.

We Just Puked a Little – Betsy DeVos to Speak at HBCU: Ok so this one’s a no-freaking-brainer. It’s about as appropriate for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to give a commencement address at a Historically Black College as it would be for the CEO of Annheiser Busch to give a 12 step talk at an AA meeting. I mean, really? The woman who recently said that HBCU’s were “real pioneers” of school choice? Choice? Really? How about they were formed because African Americans, under the oppression of segregation and slavery actually didn’t have a choice. This lady, bless her heart, is about as in tune with these sort of sensitive social issues as a cockatoo attempting to sing at the opera. She’s a wealthy, privileged socialite who actually has no business being in the position she’s in. And not because she’s wealthy or a socialite. It’s because she simply isn’t too bright when it comes to matters of the needs of this nation’s education apparatus. Period.

We agree with the NAACP’s call for the president and board chairman of Bethune-Cookman University to step down in the wake of the announcement of DeVos’ speech. Why? Because her policies, everything she stands for, threatens the very existence of HBCUs like the one she’s scheduled to speak at. She wants to reduce consumer protections for student loan repayment plans and amnesty programs — precisely what students at HBCUs depend on. So yea, we just upgraded our “puked a little” to “all over the damn place.”

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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