Podcast #39: When Dead Men Die

White Supremacist Dylann Roof. Black Nationalist Kori Ali Muhammed. Facebook Kiler Steve Stephens. Aurora Colorado Theater Mass Murderer Jonathan Holmes … Their acts are sensationalized by the media. The response to their heinous acts is, without fail, one of unified disgust, horror and outrage. Yet for all of our collective indignation, we rarely get to the REAL STORY surrounding these tragic events in our national discourse and continue to settle for reactive and rhetorical condemnation of these acts rather than work toward a solid and proactive legislative strategy to prevent, or at least largely mitigate them.
Fact is, these killers don’t see the world as the rest of us … for while their bodies may function as the living they are morally, mentally and emotionally dead. Therefore, it is upon us who consider ourselves of intact moral compass, to do all we can to insure that the dead who walk among us do not wreak havoc among our ranks. Is the answer universal background checks? Is it more intense psyhological evals of those who seek to own firearms? Whatever the solution we need it fast. Mere words will not cut it any longer. For when dead men die, when they lash out with their final, hateful and oftentimes murderous gasp, it is the living who stand helplessly by and pay the most woeful of prices. Question is, how much more are we willing to pay?