Podcast #37: Screenwriter & Director, Derek Vitatoe

This week we speak with feature film director Derek Vitatoe whose debut effort, ‘Anathema’, stars industry veterans Angie Everhart, David Andrews as well as the unique talents and star power of fellow director, actor and friend to the show, Don Wallace. Derek speaks clearly and concisely regarding his journey from writing the script for ‘Anathema’ to bringing its startling and deliciously horrific vision to the big screen. He also offered inspiring, uplifting and informative words for those who aspire to walk the path he considers himself both fortunate and blessed to. Derek’s intelligence is ferocious yet his spirit is humble. He has the confidence of one who’s been in the industry a lifetime yet is wise enough to remain open to the experience of those assembled around him. He confided in us that this was his very first interview as a director, let alone one that would afford him national exposure. We found this incredibly hard to believe as he handled himself like a seasoned pro. Rest assured, this will not be the last time the world will hear from Derek Vitatoe nor will this be the only platform to give way to his charismatic and empathetic voice. Listen to this episode and we are certain you will agree.