24-Hour, 180 Degree Flip: Trump Back Peddles Hands-Off Stance Toward Syria Amid International Outcry, But Still Blames Obama

To his credit, President Trump admitted in a press conference today that the chemical attack yesterday in Syria was indeed a cause the United States should intervene in. “It is now my responsibility.” Trump said of the Bashar al-Assad initiated attack that took the lives of hundreds of men, women and children. “It was a great opportunity missed.”

We hope this is a lesson learned for the 45th President. Thing is, Bashar al-Assad has been brutally exterminating the citizens of his country for quite some time now and it shouldn’t have taken an act of mass genocide to see that the dictator needs to be utterly destroyed.

And, as we reported yesterday, Trump did tell the truth when he stated that former President Barack Obama more or less dropped the ball when it came to handling the Syrian Dictator,—Mr. Obama drew a “red line” against the dictator but when al-Assad brazenly crossed it, Obama did nothing in the way of enforcing that red line—but this whole “I’ve inherited a mess” line that Trump keeps pushing to provide cover for his missteps is getting old. Really old. Ok, so Obama may have dropped the ball on Syria, but Obama is no longer president, Mr. President, you are. The people sent you to Washington to represent our country well in these sort of matters, not find a patsy for your political miscalculations.

Yes, his political miscalculations. Just Monday, key Trump Administration officials Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley both stood shoulder to shoulder in stating that the Trump Administration would no longer seek to the ouster of al-Assad. The very next day came the chemical attack. Republican Senators Marco Rubio and John McCain stated their belief that the chemical attack was precipitated as a result of al-Assad being emboldened by the statements from those Trump Administration officials.

So while this is a positive turnaround for the president, it’s one that shouldn’t have been needed. And, just perhaps, if this situation had been approached properly on Monday, maybe, just maybe hundreds of lives wouldn’t have been lost.

Bottom line: Mr. President, you’re in charge now and the time for blaming your predecessor is long, long over …

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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