Privacy-Schmivacy: Trump Gives Blessing for Tech Companies To Sell Consumer Info To Highest Bidder

Last week, the GOP-controlled congress voted to pass a bill that would kill internet privacy protections set in place—but had not yet gone into effect—by former president Barack Obama. The move has caused outrage among progressive and conservative constituencies alike. Even subscribers to the uber conservative and alt-right platform Breitbart News voiced their ardent opposition to the endeavor.

In a nutshell, this places the everyday internet browser and consumer at the mercy of big tech companies like Facebook and Google who’s bread and butter are trading in customer data. Now, they won’t even need to ask permission before they harvest the data and disseminate it to whomever or whatever entity they like.

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This is a hallmark of the Trump agenda, to push big business no matter the risk or the cost. We saw this with his approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He lauded what a job creator it will be but made no mention that those jobs are only very temporary and completely dismissed the fact that 1) by approving the pipeline, he disrespected a whole ethnic group of individuals and 2) placed the health of the surrounding citizenry at a huge risk.

So this seems to be the modus operandi for this administration. Get the money … no matter what. But will America be better off for it? We think not.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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