Politics of Pettiness: Dems Waste Ammo w/ Gorsuch Filibuster, Force GOP to Pull Trigger on ‘Nuclear Option’

In Washington, a show of principal is often confused with political theater. Democrats, smarting from the GOP’s successful block of Obama Supreme Court pick Merrick Garland have—futilely and petulantly, in our opinion—vowed to filibuster  the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Futilely because Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated unequivocally that no matter what, Gorsuch will sit on the Supreme Court of these United States. And in no way am I saying that the Dems should just lie down and take it in the keister but on this one, they are badly misfiring. Also, it would be more understandable if say, Gorsuch was replacing a progressive on the sacred bench. He isn’t. He’s replacing the iconic and controversial uber conservative justice Antonin Scalia who passed February 13, 2016.

Which brings us back to Garland and the petulant aspect of this. When Scalia passed, former President Barack Obama attempted to seat Garland on the court. As mentioned above, the GOP blocked it. Dems were, to simply sum it up, pissed. And now, the main argument they are providing for blocking Gorsuch is that Garland should have at least had a hearing. Well, that didn’t happen. If they were going to raise cain, the Dems should have done it as the GOP were blocking Garland. This filibuster of Gorsuch, at this point, is tantamount to shooting a dead man. Serves no purpose.

In addition, the move isn’t worth the outcome it’s going to cause. McConnell has vowed that he will pull the trigger on the so-called “nuclear option” to get the Gorsuch deal done. The option at the GOP disposal is referred to as nuclear because it will do to the Senate what a nuclear blast does to terra firma: change its landscape forever. When implemented, the Senate Rules governing such matters will be changed in that instead of having the mandatory 60 votes required to approve a Supreme Court nominee, there will now be only 51 votes needed. This means that going forward, for the entirety of the existence of this country, it will be far easier for either party to flip the bird at the other and just vote along party lines and place whomever they wish on the bench. Not good for America. Sure, it’s going to work well for the GOP for the moment but it will bite them in the ass maybe one, two or even three presidencies from now. 

And the Dems are foolish for putting both McConnell and the country in this position. Again, show of principal versus political theater. The Dems have collectively shown that they’ve failed to see the difference between the two. And their pettiness is going to cost our democracy big.

If they wanted to fight, they should have fought harder during the election. Someone should have advised Hillary Clinton to not take the so-called “Blue Wall” voting electorate for granted and kicked her in her well-healed ass and made her go visit those states. They should have made her work for every single damn vote instead of allowing her to treat the election cycle as if it were some protracted coronation ceremony just for her. Indeed, the face of our nation will change for the worse, landmark cases such as Roe v. Wade are definitely at-risk to be overturned even as Vice President Mike Pence led the charge to successfully begin the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Gorsuch’s outlook will not be good for America … But you know what? Progressives can only blame progressives for this. Those who consider themselves staunch BernieCrats and voted for President Trump to spite Hillary Clinton, those of us who simply stayed at home and just didn’t vote because we weren’t “inspired” and Hillary Clinton herself for the previously mentioned reasons

Don’t misunderstand, there are times when a good, hearty and perhaps dirty political fight is in order but in this instance, the Dems are putting their energy toward the wrong focus, inside the wrong arena and definitely at the wrong time. Gorsuch was going to get the seat no matter what, why in the world change the face of our legislature for the worse for a cause that has absolutely no margin of success?

Petty. Just petty.

Think Passionately. Disrupt Strategically.
-A. Lawrence Haskins

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