The Mind of a Brawler: Don’t Count Trump Out Just Yet

Healthcare debacle, Travel Ban 1.0 and 2.0 smackdowns, circus-style twitter tirades, alienation of our allies and the little bitty thing with Russia … These are just some of the things that have many progressives circling the proverbial wagons and (prematurely) popping the tops off legislative champagne bottles, as it were.

But it would be a short-sighted and potentially fatal flaw to count President Donald J. Trump out. What the left seems to forget is that #45 is a pugnacious and intense brawler. He lives for a fight. Which is why he creates them. Simply look at his history and it’s rife with battles and confrontation ranging from his business dealings to his marriages to his many insults against women and “lower-class” individuals. BUT, he’s always come out on top. Sure, he may have taken some hits in the process, but he’s always the one left standing.

Oh, and let’s not forget this one little tidbit: HE IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. As much as any of us may despise the very notion, it’s a fact. He has within his grasp almost incalculable influence and power. Just look a the horizon in recent days. Sure, the American Healthcare Act crashed and burned in the most glorious of fashions, but over the weekend, Trump played golf with Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, one of AHCA’s fiercest critics and strongest opponents. After playing rounds with the President, Paul stated to the press that he felt “confident” that an Obamacare repeal was in the offing.

If he isn’t anything, Trump is resilient and a crafty operator. Even regarding the cloud of suspicion hanging over his head regarding his administration’s alleged collusion with Russia; it is likely the scandal will never touch Trump personally.

Remember: President Ronald Reagan had a very, very rocky first 100 days in office, then came the Iran-Contra scandal that came a hair’s breadth away from ending his presidency. But the Gipper came out unscathed and is now remembered as the standard for his party. No, in terms of political savvy and statesmanship, Trump couldn’t hold Reagan’s dirty socks but in this day and age, that doesn’t seem to matter. After all, Trump has always been as rough around the edges as he is now and he still won the presidency.

Lastly, let’s not forget about Trump’s unique brand of charisma. He’s polarizing. People that hate him, truly hate him but boy, the ones that love him LOVE HIM. When 2020 comes around, you can believe his base is going to be ready for the fight. And perhaps by then he will have won over a few dems and Republicans from both the House and Senate that will have his back to the nth degree.

So yes, the Trump Presidency is an ongoing circus of a shit show now, but one can never count a fighter out … until he’s out.

Think Passionately. Disrupt Strategically.
-A. Lawrence Haskins

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