Podcast #36: The Hell We Choose

Everyone has a hell to walk through. Some flames merely burn momentarily while others are all-consuming. Some survive seemingly unscathed and others, unfortunately, don’t. In incredibly grateful acknowledgement of the conquering of my particular corner of self-inflicted hell, today we launch LawrenceSpeaks.com, our initiative focused on reaching incarcerated and at-risk youth of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Understand that, for me, this isn’t a venture launched just for the sake of putting another feather in the proverbial cap or some project born of indifferent or smug benevolence. This one is wholly personal for me.
In this episode I dive deep and share my journey of how I went from serving a ten-year sentence–from 1992-2002–inside maximum security federal penetentiaries to doing the hard, challenging and redemptive work of becoming a productive member of society. In spite of it all, I’ve had the honor and great privilege of being in positions of leadership at some of the biggest corporations in existence, I’m a published author, business owner, social activist and most importantly of all, a dedicated and completely smitten father … This is my story and my hope is that it inspires us all to understand that there isn’t a single circumstance that the truly individual can’t come back from … if we are willing to create our own second chance.
Thanks for taking the time to visit our new site and getting involved! http://www.lawrencespeaks.com goes live tomorrow, 4.1.2017!