Crisis of Identity: Is Trump’s Brash Approach to Governing Actually Organized Or Is It Just Flat Out Chaos?

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Afternoon, my friends. We were away most of last week due to another project that required our full attention but it’s good to be back in the proverbial saddle again. So … what did we miss in our absence?

Sadly, not much really. At least in the context of the overall turbulent sense that this current administration seems to be taking the country in. No one can deny that President Trump drips with a certain type of charisma. The sort that’s akin to the impending train wreck you just cannot, for the life of you, look away from.  And of a certainty, in a democratic society, individuals view the allegorical train differently: some see its barreling and careening down its tracks as a sign of strength, courage and determination. Others see it as a danger and harm to all those in its way.

We are of the latter opinion.

From the beginning of his campaign to this very day, this very moment, Trump has opted to lead the United States, our sacred republic, as if it’s some low-budget VH1 reality show. Indeed I thought he’d made a bit of a turn—at least in terms of preserving the dignity of the office he holds—after his address to the Joint Sessions. But not long after that, just days actually, like an easily provoked and petulant child, he was back on twitter venting and fomenting at the digital mouth in—of all things—his baseless accusations of accusing former President Barack Obama of tapping his phones at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign (and as reported by CNN, the deadline for presenting evidence of said claim is due today).

It’s exhausting to think that we haven’t even crossed the 100 day mark of this administration yet. We have a president who quite literally has no sense of dignity or regard for the office he holds. It seems that to him, it’s all about branding. Showing that he’s “doing” things. Admittedly, unemployment has hit an impressive rate since Trump took office, but I challenge anyone to provide a clear line showing that has anything to do with what Trump has actually done as president. The markets view him as pro-business and so the bounce is based on that sentiment, but not any actual work he’s done.

Trump is a man who is governing as he campaigned: no holds barred, no regard or respect for the truth. His propensity—and talent—to deflect by spreading falsehoods while once a tactic I’m sure worked well for him in the business world, is one that puts a stain on our government as it has caused the president to lose credibility. And so the train careens chaotically and petulantly toward and end no one quite knows as of yet. No one, it seems, is at the helm to right the vessel or, in the very least, assist the captain in easing up on the gas, so to speak. And what’s scary is, our captain, even as his political infrastructure crumbles around him, doesn’t even see the need to slow himself, and the nation, down.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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