The Politics of Pettiness: VP Mike Pence’s Email (NON)Scandal + Trump’s Baseless, Petulant (But Smart) Obama Deflection

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any messier, this past week has provided us with some pretty, well, weak showings on behalf of our politicians and the news media. And no, we’re not advocating that the news media is “fake” as our commander-in-chief would have us believe, it’s just that, in the case of it reporting Vice President Mike Pence’s personal email use, it just got pretty damn petty.

As reported by CNN and just about every other major news outlet, Pence used his personal AOL email account to send work-related communications. But big freaking deal. He won’t be the first politician to do so and he definitely won’t be the last. And we actually agree with Pence that this is no comparison to Hillary Clinton‘s email scandal that, while it was largely overblown, was still somewhat of a valid scandal. Even if she didn’t do anything wrong, it did give a strong appearance of impropriety that she would delete all those emails …

Next up on the shit show is the show’s ringleader itself; our man of the hour, the harbinger of all that is huge, the king of chaos, ladies and gentlemeeeeeen …. President Donald J. Trump! Have mercy, America. In recent days, with absolutely no proof whatsoever, Trump goes on one of his infamous Twitter tirades and, with absolutely no proof to substantiate it, accuses former President Barack Obama of tapping his phones inside Trump Tower during the 2016 election cycle. The hell …


Please note the time stamp, ladies and gentleman. Because it begs the question: Was an emergency intelligence briefing called to give Trump this “intel”? And if not, where in this world, at 4:02am, did he acquire this abjectly preposterous and unsubstantiated theory? It’s more like a break from reality than a theory because a theory, by definition, has to be at least somewhat loosely based on facts. It’s like he woke up, drank the most powerful energy drink possible, hyped himself up and just spewed this meritless, tactless and undignified written vomit into the digital universe.

And it’s duplicitous on the president’s part in that Trump is always screaming to the top of his lungs about how the “fake news” media accuses him of things with no proof (which isn’t true) but he is so quick to throw out baseless claims about anyone who opposes or disagrees with him. It’s just petty, childish and so embarrassing that these sort of things are being played out in the open for all the world to see and served up like some macabre meal from the hands of our president.

As a nation, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than poking around someone’s damn emails (unless of course those emails constitute a serious breach of our national security, which, in spite of Pence’s being hacked, it did not) and the media is falling right into Trump’s hands by reporting and giving so much daylight to his near insane claims. But, I will emphasize that Trump isn’t crazy, not one single bit. He knows the media will eat up every last word he says and, even if the story being reported is about how outrageous Trump’s claims are, Trump has succeeded in changing the story, our political discourse and our national focus. Because now, everyone is wondering if Obama really did tap his phones and even GOP Senator Lindsey Graham (and fierce Trump critic) has vowed to “get to the bottom of it”. By calling the media #fakenews, Trump sent said industry into a frothing tailspin and thereby, enlisted it as his administration’s biggest propaganda minister.

So Trump is just playing from the same rule book as he did in the election. He’s simply being Trump and most have not realized that while this latest tidbit of his accusing Obama  of wiretapping his #TrumpTower phones is dirty, preposterous and even vile political maneuvering, he’s smart for it, not stupid. He’s moving the pieces across the board while most of us don’t even realize we’re in the #game. Wake the fuck up, #America.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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