How We, the People & Former Prez Obama Enabled AG Sessions’ & Trump Administration Lies About Russia Ties

File Photo: U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing for Sessions to become U.S. attorney general on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. January 10, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo


By now, thanks to at once stellar and disturbing reporting by the Washington Post,  we all know that newly appointed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to Congress when he stated to them on January 10th during his confirmation hearings that he had “no communication with the Russians during the campaign.” The recriminations were swift. House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called Sessions’ actions “apparent perjury” and even went as far to call for Sessions’ resignation as did Congressman and Civil Rights icon John Lewis.

But honestly, this isn’t the worst of it. The worst part of all of this is that we, the people, each of us enabled this perpetual fiasco by the Trump administration by not standing up and demanding Trump’s transparency regarding his taxes and business dealings with Russia. We wrote a week or so ago about how Trump denied during the campaign of knowing or ever even speaking to Russia’s Vladimir Putin but there is ample video out there of him stating gleefully that he, in fact, enjoys a very good relationship with the Russian dictator. Just a bit more research on all of our part’s and perhaps Trump would have never been elected. All the evidence we ever needed was available from Trump’s own mouth and sitting right on YouTube for anyone to see. This is a national embarrassment and one we all can take ownership of.

Even more precisely, it’s being reported heavily that the Obama Administration and President Obama himself knew in-depth of the Trump administration’s ties and conversations with Russian officials. To be fair-ish, a lot of the now known intelligence was still being analyzed by intelligence officials in Obama’s last days in office, even up until his very last day, as reported by the New York Times. Even so, it seems to me that, aside from sounding the internal alarm among his administration about the potential threat Trump posed, he could have been more overt with the public in terms of what he knew. He could have been far more clear in warning us. Classified information be damned, he was our president and his responsibility was to protect us from “all threats foreign and domestic”. And Trump and his administration is clearly a threat. If not, then someone please explain why, on this particular topic of Russia, does everyone in this administration, including Trump himself, feel compelled to lie, cover up and mislead the American people about their ties or conversations with freaking Russia?

Congress ought to see to it, as a matter of the investigation of his administration’s ties to Russia, that Trump releases his goddamn tax returns so as to absolve any questions regarding his ties to Russia. If there’s nothing there, then there’s nothing there. I mean hell, Trump himself humiliated Obama by pressing him to “prove” he was a goddamn American for crissakes and, in light of all this utter crap going on with his administration as it relates to Russia, you mean we can’t compel this man to release his tax returns? Hate to put it this way, but fuck outta here.

Every single American should be up in arms about this. We should all, everyone of us be concerned about a foreign nation, particularly one such as Russia who has vied for the demise of the U.S. for decades, meddling in our election and having nefarious, dubious and sketchy ties with our president. If Trump is compromised—we are not stating here that he is but if he is—then we should all want to know and have this rectified. Period. Putin isn’t trying to infiltrate our political system because he’s our friend. He’s doing it to destroy us. And it is just an utter shame that there are those of us who choose to not acknowledge this terrifying string of events for what they are: potentially the greatest security breach in the history of these United States. If Trump is your guy, if you backed him during the election, that’s fine, but don’t sacrifice the truth for the sake of your pride. It’s not about anyone who voted for him being “wrong.” We’ve all, for one reason or another, placed our faith in the wrong places but with the best of intentions. We’ve all done it. But now isn’t the time to be stubborn, this is our land we’re talking about here, the stability and posterity of our very democracy is on the line. If you’re on the right, hey, that’s fine, so are fierce Trump critics and GOP Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. This is America and we’re family. And we need to come together now more than ever. For if we don’t, even God won’t be able to save us by the time this poison has run its course.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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