Lesson Unlearned: In Snub to Berniecrats, Dems Choose Establishment Fave Tom Perez To Chair Party

Ok, so, this is one of those moments when you kinda of have to just scratch your head and and smile lopsidedly—and involuntarily— in puzzlement. The Democratic Party just enforced its perception as elitist and establishment loyalists by selecting former Labor Secretary Tom Perez as Chair of the DNC.

Oh sure, Mr. Perez is capable, bright and competent enough. But the left doesn’t need someone who is just enough of anything. It needed a show-stopping, mind-blowing, radical tsunami of an individual to take over. And the sad thing is that they had just that in Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Perez’s cause was championed by Hillary Clinton (read establishment) loyalists while Mr. Ellison was backed by factions loyal to Vermont Senator and progressive firebrand Bernie Sanders.

So … the optics here are pretty disappointing, to say the least. Many Dems will feel, with the selection of Clinton-backed Perez to the post that they may be getting the second coming of Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was forced to resign in disgrace as the DNC Chair when it was discovered, through a series of leaked emails, that she and others essentially conspired to freeze Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination for president during the 2016 election cycle.

And we all know how that little tidbit worked out for the Democratic Party. Voters loyal to Sanders vowed they’d never vote for Hillary Clinton, with many going so far as to say that they’d vote for Donald Trump just to be sure Clinton didn’t win.

So here the left is. Bruised, beaten with their face in the dirt and with this advent, it seems as though they’ve rented a truck to pour cement on themselves … and the whole of the progressive movement.

More as this story develops.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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