Podcast #28: Death of the Republic

Multiple untruths told at press conferences (crime rate stats, voter fraud allegations, margin of electoral voctory). The characterization of the media as the ‘opposition party’ and ‘enemy of the American people’. Questions surrounding his entourage’s pre and post election dealings with Russian officials. Positioning an alt-right extremist, idealogue and hyper nationalist like Steve Bannon to the National Security Council. And today, we witnessed the unprecedented shut down of the free press by the White House … These are just some of the concerning moves made by President Trump barely more than 30 days into his tenure as leader of the free world. But Trump will not be the end of us. Those of us who are more concerned with our party affiliation, loyalties and ideological inclinations than we are with the truth of things, however, will play an integral role in what very well may culminate in the death of our republic.