VIDEO: Trump Brags About “knowing” Putin in 2013 Interview but Denies Relationship Now. Which Is True?

What Trump said in 2013 regarding his relationship with Putin:

He also openly admitted to knowing Putin in 2014 then denied it all later as his presidential candidacy heated up as is shown in this mash-up video:


These videos say it all so there really isn’t much to be added here except that it begs just a few questions: What is the reason for Trump’s blatant duplicity? Is this why he refuses to release his tax returns? And, um, why in the hell when Trump denies knowing Putin in press conferences are no journalists bringing up his past admissions?

It is an abhorrent, unfortunate and disheartening thing that this nation is so divided across party lines, that we are so consumed with tour candidate winning, that we refuse to own the truth of this man’s lies and deceptions. I did not agree with everything former President Obama did and I’ve even written and spoken out against those things such as his pardoning of traitor Chelsea Manning and his misleading the nation in terms of individuals being able to keep their doctor under Obamacare, to name a couple.

Furthermore, if former President George W. Bush had been running against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election cycle, hands down I would have voted for Bush. Why? Because in that match up, he would have been an infinitely better candidate. If Senator Marco Rubio had won the nomination and ran against Hillary, Rubio would have had my vote. However, if Senator Bernie Sanders would have been the nominee for the left, I would have voted for him no question. My parents voted for President Ronald Reagan when he ran against President Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election. Why? Because to them, Reagan was a better candidate by far, and I agree with that assessment. All in all, I believe the 2016 election cycle was more or less about choosing the lesser of two evils and Hillary was definitely that in my eyes.  But Trump won and I’ve repeatedly stated it’s not in our nation’s interests for him to fail as president. Nevertheless, based on his actions and statements, he has shown himself a man who warrants and justifies perpetual scrutiny and intense accountability. That being said, we all know that whatever horse we back, they all have flaws. They all make mistakes.

But see, Trump is different. He wears his sociopathy like some sacred cloak, like a badge of honor.

So understand this: In the spirit of GOP Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham who stand for truth regardless of party affiliation, I speak out against Trump not out of party loyalty or purist ideological inclinations. I speak out against Trump because this man is liar, a con artist, a bully, a mysogynist and a manipulator of the first order. He is a man of willfully flawed character. Period. And if anyone refuses to see that, based solely on this man’s behavior and his own words, is simply a sheep who is satisfied and content with the trade off of having an amoral man running our nation in the hope of getting a few of their so-called “conservative” agenda items through. So listen up, Bible Belt America: just because the devil can stand up and preach in church doesn’t make him a believer, let alone a saint. Unless, of course, you believe Jesus died on the cross so powerful men like Trump can just grab women by the pussy. Now let the church say amen.

Think Passionately. Disrupt Strategically.
-A. Lawrence Haskins

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