Morning Mashup: Muslim Ban Redux + We Love Trump’s NSA Pick (We Really Do) + Is GOP Sen. McCain Trump’s Biggest Foil?

Muslim Ban Redux: The Trump Administration is set to announce a revised version of the much maligned, globally decried and court censured Travel Ban (also known as Muslim Ban as Executive Order #13769 targeted would be immigrants from 7 majority muslim countries.) The EO was first stopped in its tracks by Washington State Federal Judge James Robart in response to a motion filed by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. The decision of Judge Robart to halt the ban was later upheld by the bipartisan 9th Circuit Federal Court of appeals. Today, the Department of Homeland Security made available the Trump Administration’s plan to detain and deport immigrants en masse through a series of guidance memos signed DHS Secretary John Kelly. The memos are essentially meant as a tool to aid in the implementation of Trump’s EO to offset the chaos that ensued during what was a rocky initial rollout at best. More interior enforcement and an intense escalation in deportation forces are expected when, and if, the new EO escapes unscathed from judicial challenge.

We Love Trump’s NSA Pick (No, We Really Do) Honest to goodness, I don’t think you could find anyone on the left or right who could justifiably take issue with Trump’s appointment of 54 year-old General H.R. McMaster to National Security Advisor. After the botched and short-lived tenure of Gen Michael T. Flynn, McMaster is sure to be a breath of fresh air. He joined the Army in the awesome year of 1984, rose determinedly through its ranks and managed to maintain the respect of everyone all the while being his own man and maintaining a history for holding his superiors accountable. No easy feat. He even wrote a book on the subject: Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnamwhich takes a sharp, insightful pointed, unabashed and ferociously critical look at the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and the calamitous Vietnam policies of Lyndon Johnson and John McNamara. So Trump, whether he realizes it or not, picked a winner and we are grateful that we will have someone at the helm of our national security that will actually do what’s right for the country through an objective lens as opposed to someone like Flynn who quite apparently was motivated by ideological and personal loyalties to Trump.

Is GOP Sen. McCain Trump’s Biggest Foil? Freshly elected to the Senate for another six years, GOP heavyweight and senator from Arizona John McCain has constantly been speaking out against the Trump administration, its policies and its seeming state of perpetual disarray (see Offending Our Allies, Bowling Green Massacre, General Flynn’s Disgrace, Halted Travel Ban). He often goes it alone but has also been known to team up with the likes of Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to essentially breathe fire on some of Trump’s policies. He was a very vocal critic when Trump decided to withdraw hastily from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, arguing that it compromised our security and gave all the power in the region to China. He also spoke out immediately and passionately against the appointment of Steve Bannon to the National Security Council, stating correctly that a political member of the White House should not be in the position to make decisions that require political objectivity. In his latest challenge to the president, McCain characterized Trump’s verbal assault on the press as the act of a dictator. There is more, much more on McCain’s hit list and we like that he’s living up to being the Maverick he told everyone he was during the 2008 presidential election cycle.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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