Trump Promised Russian Respect: Somehow Putin Parking a Spy Ship Off Our Coast and Deploying Mock Attack Against U.S. Vessel Doesn’t Feel Like It

“Russia will have far greater respect for our country when I’m leading it …” stated then president-elect Donald J. Trump during a January 7, 2017 news conference (see above video). But very recent developments as it pertains to Russia’s military don’t feel like any sort of respect, let along the “far greater” variety.

As of this writing, a Russian spy ship named the Viktor Leonov (main pic of this post) sits thirty miles from the U.S. submarine base in Groton, Connecticut. Now it is no surprise that Russia has a spy ship in our waters, happens pretty much all the time as we do the very same to Russia more or less. But what’s different about this particular sighting is that the ship has never ventured as far north as Connecticut and really is never as brazen in terms of letting it’s presence being known.

In addition to this troubling development, Friday, a Russian Vishnya-class spy ship (similar to the Leonov), trailed a “U.S. ship that encountered close-flying Russian aircraft in the Black Sea”.  The Russian planes were armed and U.S. intelligence officials are calling the exercise a “mock attack”.


We won’t bore you with all the details but all of this begs some really serious questions: 1) What message is Russian President Vladimir Putin attempting to convey with these military actions? 2) What should be America’s response? 3) Why in the world is the no one in the Trump administration, or President Trump himself, speaking out about this?

Is Trump really Putin’s bitch?

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