Lies Revealed: NSA Michael Flynn did Discuss Sanctions with Russia Pre-Trump Inauguration

Happening NowIn yet another setback to the Trump Administration’s already tattered credibility, it has been revealed that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn actually did speak to Russian officials regarding U.S. sanctions leveled against the nation led by Vladimir Putin. The finding is based on calls intercepted by U.S. intelligence agencies from Flynn to Russian officials and is also paints a sharp contradiction to both Flynn’s and Vice President Mike Pence’s claims and assurances to the contrary.

So what does this mean for the American people? In the very least it means we have at the helm of this administration a group of individuals who are willing to mislead and outright lie to the people they mean to serve. It means that, taking Trump’s lead, this same group of individual’s whose “star power” is comprised of the likes of Kellyanne Conway who, in the last week alone, fictionalized a terror attack and utilized the platform of the White House to push the Ivanka Trump’s clothing line; and Sean Spicer, the wily if uninformed White House Press Secretary who’s credibility is in rubbles after shenanigans like claiming Trump’s inauguration was the most watched in history, or asserting falsely that Supreme Court Nominee Neil M. Gorsuch wasn’t disappointed in Trump’s criticizing of the judiciary with regards to his Executive Order pushing the travel ban.

This would be hysterical if it wasn’t so troublesome. It has long been the position of this blog that the goal is to keep the current administration accountable but the hope is not to see it fail. Because if it fails, we, the American citizenry are impacted. Team Trump seems to believe this is the days of old; where a guy could just ride into town and, if he had enough guns and was quick enough with them, just take that town over. No rules, no sense of restraint, no compass to even the most basic tenets diplomacy. Smash and grab and let the chips fall.

Now, very quickly this administration is learning that it can’t just do what it likes, when it likes and however it likes. It’s learning that this is a robust democracy of the people and not the weakened corral to be plucked by a dictator. It’s learning that there is a serious system of checks and balances that can’t be bluffed, bullied or brought to heel. There is accountability here that the politics of fear cannot and will never surpass. For this is the land of the free and the home of the brave and as such, we will not now or ever succumb to fear no matter how cleverly or ingenuously it’s tyrannical and oppressive fangs are disguised.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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