When the Executive Order Gun Brought to the American Values Fight Isn’t Big Enough: Big Tech Arms Up Against Trump’s Travel Ban

I can just imagine the hysteria that must be presently ensuing the inhabitants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Plenty of blame to go around and none better to dole it out than the Petulant-In-Chief Donald J. Trump. I mean, it’s bad enough that a relatively obscure Federal Judge and Attorney General from Washington State stopped the travel dead in its tracks late last week but to wake up Monday morning to find that close to 100 tech companies have filed motions to add an amicus, or, “friend of the court” brief to the case? Well, that’s just downright inconsolable.

The screaming and gnashing of teeth around the White House in the face of such formidable and daunting opposition must be of epic and near biblical proportions. Just imagine the vitriolic, verbal vomit advisors like Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway must be getting cascaded with at possibly this very moment. I imagine one such sessions may have gone something like this:

Trump: “You bunch of yahoos said The Donald could do whatever he wanted when he became president.”
Conway: “And The Donald still can, we just have to figure out a different, perhaps more diplomatic route.”
Trump: “Don’t alternative fact me, missy. You can’t fool me with the foolish talk we fool others with in that foolhardy way of yours … that’s actually mine.”
Conway: “Of course. I only meant—”
Trump: “And you know you don’t call The Donald, The Donald when he’s pissy. What do you say?”
Conway: Ahem, apologies, sir. I mean, He of the Biggest Hands, Keeper of Ginormous Crowds, Harbinger of all Things Huge and the Lone Vanquisher of Terror & Anything That Seems Like It … sir.”
Trump: “Leave me. And make sure there are plenty of Tic Tacs in that bowl of yours when I visit your office later.” Conway scurries away and after the door to the Oval is shut, he adresses Bannon: “As the real president, what do you have to say for yourself?”
Bannon: **Holds up a finger as he presses his cell phone to his ear** “Get me Vladimir.”

Just something off the top of my head and okay, perhaps it’s just a tad over the top (or is it?) but all I’m saying is that things aren’t pretty for the current administration this week at all. But for the rest of us, for those of us who believe in freedom, justice, the rule of law and the American way, it is indeed a beautiful thing. I appreciate our business leaders and influencers standing up for what’s right even though they don’t have to. They’re wealthy, well-insulated and could walk away from their respective careers today if they so chose and be good for 10 lifetimes. It’s heartening to see the whole of America come together and, as we used to say in my army days, “get guns” on the target. The Resistance is here, the American people are here, the soul of what this nation truly stands for is alive and well, Mr. Trump. So about that gun you brought to this fight?  Well, it would seem that it just isn’t big enough.

Think Passionately. Disrupt Strategically.
-A. Lawrence Haskins

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