Justice Wins: Ruling by Washington State Federal Judge James Robart Stops Trump Muslim Ban In Its Tracks

Yesterday, in a move that has both rocked the Trump administration to its core and given millions around the world cause for celebration, Washington State Federal Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order which immediately halted any and all implementations of Trump’s so-called travel ban.

The 9th hour legal maneuver was led by Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson who stated to CNNs Anderson Cooper, “As a lawyer it’s why you go to law school”. The statement by Ferguson was later tweeted out by Cooper.


What It Means
Of course the implications of Judge Robart’s ruling are seismic in proportions. Which is why I thought it prudent to not post immediately about this advent considering the enormous fluidity associated with it. But, at this point, all relevant U.S. Government agencies (i.e., Homeland Security and the State Department) are complying with the judge’s ruling and rescinding the restriction associated with Trump’s executive order. Which is heartening and encouraging because it sends a clear message that America will not cower to fear nor will we be deceived when fear, under the guise of patriotism, presents itself falsely as strength.

The President’s Response
True to form, President Trump responded with his usual petulance and vitriol. In one of his now famous “tweet tirades”, Trump called Robart a “so-called” judge and vowed that the temporary restraining order would be overturned.


This pattern of behavior on the part of the president is, of course, beneath the dignity of the office he holds. Take for example former President George W. Bush; ideally I didn’t agree with his positions on a variety of things. However, one could never say, in the behavioral and basic human decency sense, he ever did anything that tarnished the decorum of the  office of the presidency. 

That being said, one can be assured that Trump will hold true to his vow and fight Judge Robart’s order tooth and nail. This is a man who hates to lose and even worse, hates to be seen as a loser. This will ultimately end up at the Supreme Court without a doubt and with the nomination of Neil M. Gorsuch to replace the late Antonio Scalia, who knows where things may land and how our nation will be shaped in the wake of the courts future decision. So only time will tell the finality of how the U.S. will handle the humane treatment of our fellow world citizens … but for now, it feel goods to know America still has its true voice and that Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Federal Judge James Robart had the collective courage to stand and use that voice.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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