Welcome to Trumpland: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is Latest U.S. Ally to Get Bully Treatment

Sadly enough, I can’t say that I was shocked when I read of this latest diplomatic debacle perpetrated by President Trump and bolstered by his goon-like administration. In a call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this past Saturday regarding a already agreed upon refugee resettlement deal between the United States and Australia, sources say that the call ended abruptly between the two world leaders with Trump insisting that the resettlement agreement was a “bad deal”.

Now here’s the funny part (and by funny, I mean not funny at all): After the call, Trump sent out this tweet:


Um, perhaps some of the wunderkinds in the Trump administration should inform their boss that refugees are not illegal immigrants. Just saying. I know in Trumpland alternative facts and blurring the lines of respect and basic human decency are the norm but I think, even for Trump, this is just an almost embarrassing show of ineptitude and tone deafness when it comes to human rights issues. I mean hell, even if only for the sake of appearances, someone should really take Trump’s fingers off the twitter trigger and perhaps offer him a mild (or not so mild?) sedative.

Lastly, I find it frustrating that our commander-in-chief is again, so damn tone deaf that he doesn’t realize how condescending and elitist it sounds for him, the leader of the free world, to characterize matters of humanity as a bad business “deal”. These are individuals with hopes and dreams just like you and your family, Mr. Trump. These are people who have the right to be treated fairly and with respect just as you would want, Mr. Trump. They are not some commodity or faceless position on the NASDAQ or NYSE to be bandied about as if they have no heart, soul or emotion.

For all of the above, I leave you with this question: Why is Trump so consistently rude, condescending and abrasive to our allies who have proven over the course of decades that they have our best interests at heart and so welcoming and entreating to a nation like Russia who have a proven track record of absolutely not having our best interests anywhere near the realm of positive priority? I welcome your thoughts and comments. 

More as this story develops.

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