Reward for a Job Well Done? Treasury Dept. Now Allowing for Transactions w/ Russian Intelligence Agency

Happening Now — Trump Administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced during a press conference with reporters today that, in a sharp reversal of former President Barack Obama’s no tolerance policy toward the Kremlin and its disruptive political tactics, the U.S. Treasury Department will allow “some companies” to do business with Russia’s Federal Security Service or, FSB. From CNN:

A routine adjustment … Ok, so let’s get this entirely straight; Trump sees it as appropriate to bully, offend and alienate our allies—in the case of Mexico, threaten a 20% tax on all goods they send to the U.S. and call the U.S. refugee resettlement agreement with Australia a “bad deal”— but to Russia, the nation of which it has been definitively determined meddled with our election and by doing so violated our democratic process, our doors are open for business??

The White House Alternative Reality Sleight-of-Hand Spin Machine was firing on all pistons when Press Secretary Spicer said the advent wasn’t an easing of sanctions but rather a regular course of action.” Yea, ok. It’s about as regular as the devil wanting to drink holy water.

Bottom line is, Russia is not our friend. They intentionally and with malice aforethought, at the direction of their leader and former KGB Officer Vladimir Putin, set their resources at work against us with the sole purpose of making this election work in their favor. And I’ll be damned if it isn’t working out wonderfully according to their quite obvious plan. Our most longstanding and biggest rival is a military supporter of the inhumane atrocities now taking place in Syria. They have affected military incursions into sovereign nations like Crimea and basically and ruthlessly taken those countries for themselves. Trump always says he wants to keep “bad guys out” of the U.S. and its business dealings. Interesting how selective he is with the definition. With the exception of perhaps North Korea, no one nation on the world stage is a bigger threat to the sovereignty of other nations in general and the United States in particular than Russia.  This isn’t hyperbole or fear mongering or conspiracy theorizing. This is an unassailable and historical FACT. Question is, do we see the picture that is actually being painted here or are we intent only on “seeing” the mess now displayed on our national canvas as what we desire it to be?

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