Age of the Tyrant: Trump Fires Acting AG In Retaliation of Her Refusal to Enforce Unjust Muslim Ban


New acting Attorney General Dana J. Boente

Happening Now: Just minutes ago, President Donald Trump, in a retaliatory and what some have characterized as an almost dictatorial posture, fired acting Attorney General, and Obama appointee, Sally Yates for, according to a statement released by the White House on the matter, “refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States,”. The matter that is in reference to the newly implemented and much-maligned so called travel ban that placed a moratorium on travel from seven predominately muslim nations around the world. Even though, as researched by conservative think tank The Cato Institute and initially reported by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, none of the countries on the list have participated or have had anything to do with an American domestic or international fatality since 1975.


The travel ban has sparked protests at airports around the nation and the world. In spite of this and reports of confusion from enforcement officers on the ground, Trump has stated his belief that the ban is “going well.”

Two federal judges recently placed a hold on the travel, refugee ban:

The ruling, according to the attorneys, states that no approved refugee, holder of a valid visa, lawful permanent resident or traveler from the seven majority-Muslim nations can — for the next seven days — be detained or removed due solely to Trump’s executive order anywhere in the United States.
Boston Federal Court Puts Hold On Trump’s Travel, Refugee Ban;

Now, the termination of Sally Yates in and of itself isn’t revelatory or shocking. As mentioned above, she’s an Obama appointee and, as such, her days were numbered anyway pending the confirmation of Sen Jeff Sessions to the post of Attorney General of the United States. What should be of concern is the reactionary, retaliatory and outright unjust manner in which she was relieved of her duties. Since when in America do our government officials get fired at a moment’s notice simply because they disagree with an initiative? And one whose legal and moral merits are being debated in the courts? Since when in America do we deprive someone of their ability to earn income simply because they’ve chosen to stand for what’s right and listen to the will of the people? This isn’t leadership, this isn’t strength, this a bully tactic implemented by an administration that, rather being committed to working together for the good of the people, are more interested in forwarded their isolationist agenda even at the peril of the people. What’s happened this evening to Sally Yates, a faithful, upstanding public servant is a travesty that is only a shadow of things to come. We are now witnessing only the prelude to a dictator and the shadow of the dark age to come …

So from here on out, I’m going to start including the number to congress in each of my posts for those who may not know it. Let’s call them, let’s make those phones ring 24/7 until they just can’t stand it! And the thing is, someone will actually answer the phone, it’s not hard AT ALL to get through! So call and share your voice and ask for the number to your local congressperson and they will not only give you the number but connect you as well! The number is: 

United States Congress: (202) 225-3121

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United States Congress: (202) 225-3121

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