Are You Not Entertained?: Trump’s Circus Like Approach to Diplomacy is Rapidly Eroding Our Standing in the World

Going in, my intent, in terms of time commitment to this blog, was to only post items Monday through Friday. But developments as they pertain to the Trump Administration’s policies are happening at such a rapid and corrosive rate that I literally could not refrain from sharing my thoughts with you today.

As I write this, it is now America’s official policy that some 134,000,000 individuals from around the world-all predominately Muslim countries- are banned from entering the United States. The Trump Administration is calling this a move to “protect the United States” when all it really amounts to is the “Muslim Ban”, the racial profiling and non-deserving embargo of millions of people who are our fellow world citizens.

This is amoral and unconstitutional. It goes against everything that America stands for. And, for those of you who may feel as though it doesn’t effect you, it does. Any tear at human dignity is a tear at all of our dignity. Period. Aside from the political and socio-economic pitfalls of this archaic and isolationist stance, to tell nations of people that, because of their faith, we don’t trust them enough to come into our country just reeks of offense.

 Then there is the ban on refugees from the war-torn nation of Syria. A tweet today from Democratic Senator Chris Murphy summed it up best:


Included in his tweet is a photo of a dead child on the shores of Syria, one of the countless victims of the war there. And I agree with Sen. Murphy that we should not choose to be silent today! While things feel the same, while we can get up and go to work, enjoy our families and pursue our interests like normal, we must understand that nothing is the same. A new, dark era is dawning in American history and one that, if not challenged and combatted, will take us in a direction we will not be easily recovered from.

Earlier today, two Iraqi men were detained at JFK airport under Trump’s new travel ban. These two men have ties to the U.S. Military and had been granted work visas to enter the U.S. They’ve done everything right, they have all the necessary paperwork, so why were they made to endure such embarrassment, such denigration, such injustice? And in response, just moments ago, the Iraqi government issued an edict stating that all Americans are banned from entering its country. Do we have any idea of the hostility and resentment this will create for American civilians already in Iraq and our m
ilitary forces that are embedded there? Do we not see the danger that this policy has placed our citizens around the world in?

JFK Airport is now flooded with protesters and rightly so. We should not be silent, we shouldn’t lay down and allow our reputation to tarnished, our world standing to be questioned and the very heart of who we are to be destroyed at the whim of a megalomaniac whose whole approach to diplomacy is seeing people as data point on a business chart.

I hope that you share in my frustration and disappointment at the actions of our new president. But while my heart is saddened and heavy, I remain encouraged simply because this is America, and our republic will forever outlast the heartless and fear filled machinations of a “leader” who doesn’t understand what the heart of this great nation actually is. 

Think Passionately. Disrupt Strategically.
-A. Lawrence Haskins

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