Protectionist or Islamophobic: Trump Gearing Up to Sign Executive Order Banning Admission of Refugees

Homs, Syria, September 2012 WFP is providing food assistance to over 223,000 people this month through its implementing partner the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and a local NGO – El Bir Association for Charity. WFP is prioritizing assistance to internally displaced people in public shelters mainly mosques, churches, schools as well as families displaced from one part of the governorate to another area taking refuge with relatives and friends. Communities provide cooked meals to internally displaced people in public shelters using WFP dry rations. Photo: WFP/Abeer Etefa

No one can say that president Trump, in spite of some critical unforced errors, hasn’t been doing his damnedest to fulfill his many campaign promises. And with a GOP-controlled House and Senate, there is quite literally, for better or worse, anything to stand in his way.

It’s been confirmed by CNN that a draft version of an executive order paving the way for a “blanket” ban on refugees for up to four months is currently being considered by president Trump. The order doesn’t reference Islam directly but it does seem like this is shaping up to be the embodiment of the “Muslim Ban” that Trump so ardently promised on the campaign trail. And Muslim advocacy groups are saying just that, characterizing the draft order as “islamophobic” and “un-American”. “Extraordinarily cruel” is the terminology Lavinia Limón, president and CEO of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, called the 120-day suspension of the refugee program.

The order provides for something called “safe zones”, which provides for areas inside a war torn country that is supposed to be neutral and provide a place of protection and safety for the refugee. The Obama administration rejected this idea out of hand. And in my opinion, a safe zone for a war refugee is tantamount to “helping” a victim of domestic violence by assigning him or her to a different room inside the home of their abuser. Ridiculous.

I get wanting to protect our nation but we must look within for that. Americans are causing the greatest loss of life for Americans. Period. Look at the situation in Chicago. Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 which took the lives of 168 Americans and injured hundreds more. The 2016 nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida that took 49 innocent lives and injured 53 more. The Sandy Hook and Newton school shootings. And these are just a very few examples. Statistically, Americans kill more Americans domestically by far than any  citizen from another nation. Am I saying that there aren’t other nations and factions that don’t want to harm Americans just for the hell of it? Of course that’s not what I’m saying. The outside threat to our citizenry is very real and very dangerous. However, there are people out there in this big world of ours that genuinely need our help and to just shut Americas borders is the abandonment of one of our core principles, that we are the shining light on top of the hill, that we stand with our arms open to help, not with them closed in fear.

Bottom line is, all the executive orders in the world won’t provide a window into anyone’s soul. It won’t allow the president or his staff to get a bead on the intent, well-meaning or malicious, that resides in the recesses of someone’s heart. To affect this isolationist stance isn’t going to keep us safe from those who mean to harm us, it will only close us off from being there for those who need us most.

More as this story develops.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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