Morning Mash Up: Trump’s False Voter Fraud Claims – Pipelines or Pipe Dreams? – Who Exactly is Paying for that Wall?

  1. Trump’s False Voter Claims: Donald Trump is in fact president of these United States. This is indisputable. So it’s pretty disturbing to the media as well as to politicians on the left and even in his own party (specifically Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina) that he would choose to continue to defend his election win by stating, without any substantive evidence to support the claim, that “millions of ildlegals” voted in the 2016 presidential election. Now, to be certain, the president, for better or worse, can say whatever he likes. “I wasn’t there, but if the President of the United States is claiming that 3.5 million people voted illegally, that shakes confidence in our democracy — he needs to disclose why he believes that,Graham told CNN on Tuesday. Senator McCain echoed similar sentiments to the news media on Tuesday as well. Thing is, you won, Mr. Trump. You are the 45th president of the United States of America, no need to flame on about what is contextually a non-issue. We learned this morning that to exacerbate matters, Trump actually has ordered an official investigation into the matter, a ridiculous endeavor in our view.
  2. Pipelines or Pipe Dreams: So I saw this quote on Facebook that sums up this pipeline sitch perfectly: “So let me get this straight: The ‘America First’ President just gave the green light to a Canadian company to build a pipeline across American soil that transports Canadian oil to sell to China?I read that literally laughed out loud but the laughter was  cut short when I realized the ramifications of this. Now I’m no economist, political pundit or anything of the sort but some things you just don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out. Here are some concerns with this pipeline business: [1] Jobs: Since TransCanada is building the Keystone XL Pipeline, you can bet, as per their corporate practices, that the enduring jobs (jobs lasting beyond the initial pipeline construction) will remain in Canada. American jobs from the project–totaling maybe 15-20k according some industry analysts– will only be temporary and last maybe 18-24 months over the course of the construction. So what what will those workers do once the project has ended? [2] Environmental issues: In a panel discussion on the issue, Van Jones of CNN brought up an excellent and little known point regarding what will actually be transported through the pipeline, it’s not oil exactly. It’s crude oil which is basically produced when you heat up sand, or the roughest, easiest part of the earth to separate oil from it. Environmentalists have proven this produces greenhouse gases and proponents of the pipeline haven’t been able to dispute this scientific and factual claim or provide a solution that will offset this harmful advent. [3] Standing Rock & the Dakota Access Pipeline: I wrote about this already but it does deserve a rapprochement in light of the gravity of the issue. Energy Transfer Partners is slated to build the remaining portion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, it has many of the same issues as its Keystone counterpart with the additional tweak that ETP will be desecrating sacred Native American lands to do so. Not cool. And for all you “America First” folks, there’s no one more American than the Native Americans. They were, after all, here first. Just saying.
  3. Who Exactly is paying for that Wall?: So, today Trump is visiting the Department of Homeland Security for the first time and the optics should be great as he tours the place. But the real reason he’s going there is to shore up plans about building that much ballyhooed wall on the US/Mexico border. Congress already has plans for funding of the wall before it. Which means … America is paying for the wall. But wait, silly me, Trump states that, in the interest of expediting its construction, the American taxpayer will foot the bill up front and Mexico will pay for it down the line. Riiiigghht. Kinda like how Trump said before he was elected that he’d show us his tax returns once the “audit” of them was completed, only to completely reverse his position after he was elected and say through Kellyanne Conway that he will definitely not be releasing his them

More on these stories as they develop.

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