Pro Choice vs. Pro Life Battle Begins: Fearful of Trump Stance, Thousands of Women Rush to get IUDs

It’s the decades long fight that, as long as there are Republicans and Democrats, won’t go away. With a new Republican president and a GOP-controlled House and Senate, real concerns are mounting among our nation’s female population about what will happen to their right to choose when it comes to their own bodies.

And the concern is real: With Trump being bent on pandering to his base and repealing the Affordable Care Act, millions of women all across our country are at risk of losing a critical part of their healthcare: free birth control.

The Affordable Care Act, as it is on the books now, eliminates the astronomical monthly costs a woman might incur if she chooses to utilize birth control. This provision is of special import to the millions of women of all ages and ethnicities who are just entering the work force or are students for whom such costs would be crushing.

Now, at the center of this issue, of course, is does a woman have the right to choose if she wants to medically prevent herself from being able to become pregnant. The über religious right says no, because based on biblical principles, it’s wrong for a man to even “pull out” to prevent pregnancy and “spill his seed” anywhere but in a woman’s reproductive organs.

Mm-hm. And the Bible also taught that it was ok to stone people publicly for adultery or to cut their hand off for stealing. But we don’t practice those extreme social corrective measures anymore and, in fact, view the nations that do engage in such practices as barbarians and lesser evolved.

So why is it exactly that America refuses to grow with the current of time and leave this narrow minded, archaic and obsolete perspective regarding a woman’s sovereignty over her own body buried in the sands of times past where it belongs?

Two words: sexual guilt.

Our country, as great as it is, has an issue with sexual freedom that’s based in a desire to be “right with God”. This is why, every so often, you’ll hear of so-called upstanding, moral, emphatically religious, baptized-in-the-blood-of-Jesus Christians and politicians who were caught doing some of the most-what their colleagues would call-“amoral” acts.

So this desire to be seen as morally correct or superior or more evolved is at the psychological core of why today, in 20-damn-17; millions of women are descending upon their healthcare providers nationwide to get IUDs (or intrauterine device).

Gabriella Shypula, recent college graduate, I believe summed up the national sentiment best when she told CNN, “I want something that’s at least going to last me four years of not longer … I want something that’s going to outlast Trump.” Ms. Shypula further expressed to CNN that she was angry for being forced to make such an important decision when her current method of birth control had been just fine.

I find it a curious juxtaposition that the “morally evolved” religious right, under the guise of saving a “life” that isn’t even aware of of its own existence, are more consumed with debating the sovereignty a woman has over her own body than they are with ending gun violence that takes lives which were undisputedly not only aware of their existence, but are silenced forever from experiencing any further the vast plethora of emotion & sensation this life once offered them … Jussayin.

More as this story develops.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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