2nd Amendment Takes Center Stage as Trump Challenges Chicago Mayor Over City’s Murder Rate

In a tweet posted from his @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account, president Trump sent a sharp challenge to former president Obama insider and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stating that he would “send in the feds” if the mayor didn’t get the city’s infamous murder rate under control.


The murder rate in the Windy City has been an issue for years and is indeed a valid area for concern. The Chicago Police Department recently reported to CNN that there have been 38 homicides and 182 shooting incidents in the city so far in 2017 That’s no laughing matter. So, in terms of a general desire to get this situation under wraps, I am actually in step with the president on this one.

However, there hasn’t been much offered in the way of viable solutions on the matter by the president or anyone else for that matter. How does one govern such an unwieldy, unfortunate and violently messy situation as is the one in the city of Chicago? How do you call for a ceasefire when none of its inhabitants who are involved in these shootings seem to be remotely interested in slowing the carnage down?

Enter the 2nd Amendment. Simply put, it is far, far too easy for individuals of ill-intent to acquire firearms in this country. That’s just a fact. Former president Obama, in the wake of shooting tragedies at Newton and Sandy Hook -just to name a couple-attempted with all he had to put processes in place that would only make it harder for those people who shouldn’t have guns to get guns. The right bitched and moaned that the 44th president was trying to “take away” their guns when all he wanted to do was make schools and our society safer by ensuring that only those individuals who deserve to carry firearms, can. To which the National Rifle Association responded with fierce lobbying efforts by sticking to their years long-and ridiculous-mantra that, “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!”

Hmmm. Ok. But–just a little brainstorming here–what if the “bad guys” didn’t have guns? Wouldn’t that more or less limit largely the need for the good guys to be so wary of a potential bad guy with a gun? I don’t know, maybe I’m just crazy … But the question of my mental faculties not withstanding, it seems to me that if we could cut off the source of the guns, stop the flow of them into an inner city like Chicago, then that would largely taper off the violence resultant of their presence. If just a little common sense prevailed and the 2nd Ammendment fear mongering could just stop, then president Trump and all the politicos on Capitol Hill could craft legislation that could both preserve the right of the responsible citizenry to keep and bear their arms while keeping them out of the hands of those who don’t deserve the right.

More as this story develops.

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-A. Lawrence Haskins

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