Outrage: White House Eliminates Spanish Translation from Website

Okay, so I know I made a brief reference to this in my Round Up post last night, but the more I thought about the topic, the more I felt it deserved a rapprochement. Here goes …

From my core, I believe that this act of eliminating a significant and contributory segment of the US population from being able to access, in a communicative sense, the highest office in the land is nothing short of dismissive, narrow minded, disrespectful and blatantly racist. BLATANTLY RACIST. Call it a card all you like, and if it is a card, then I’m playing it like the fiddler on the damn roof.

But it’s not a card, it’s a fact. And not like the alternative one that Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Senior Adviser Kellyanne Conway want us to believe in.

If it’s not based on race and this isolationist “American” agenda that Trump has been promoting since day one, then I challenge any of his supporters to give me one, just one good reason why the Spanish translation capability was eliminated from the White House site. Font issues? Nope, not buying it. Was Spanish causing the site programmatic issues? Nope, not buying it. There is no reason in the entire world that this should have happened.

And what of politicians of Latino descent like Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida (R)? Where is there voice in all this? This move by Trump transcends party lines and affiliations. ALL AMERICANS should be offended by this development! Mexican and all Americans of Latino descent have been a part of this nation, a productive and integral part of this nation pretty much from its birth. How dare this president alienate the millions of them who have  helped in our communities that have fought, helped build up the physical infrastructure of this country and paid the ultimate price by fighting bleeding and any many cases dying for this country, which is just as much their country as it is any other member of the United States citizenry. These are the types of things, the things that violate the very core of our principals that we should not allow to stand, at least not without on hell of a fight.

Think Passionately. Disrupt Strategically.
-A. Lawrence Haskins

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