New Trump Administration Reality: Alternative Facts

Sooo … Someone help me out here, isn’t the alternative to a fact A LIE? I mean, one just needs to look up the antonym to the word fact and one would find plain as day that this is absolutely what an “alternative” fact is.

Nevertheless that’s exactly what Kellyanne Conway–who few could argue was the chief architect in re-tooling the message that ultimately got Trump his new digs at Pennsylvania Avenue–offered as an excuse when pressed on Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s combative and truthless first press conference where he claimed, among other things, that Trump’s inauguration was the most attended inauguration “ever”. A patent falsehood.

Rather than utilize her savvy to clean up the train wreck of a  mess her colleague made, Conway chose to double down on the circus act and in doing so, committed an at once laughable and troubling unforced error. She stated that Sean Spicer stated to the American people an “alternative” to the truth, which, of course, is a bold-faced lie.

Which is actually in step with Trump’s modus operandi. Think about it, Trump tried to change people’s perception of former President Obama by lighting a fire under fearful people by starting the birther movement. His whole intent was to change people’s perception of Obama so they would think differently about him and ultimately, vote against him. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

It is indeed true that perception is reality, but manufactured perception based on malicious intent or in the case of Press secretary Spicer’s attempt to save face for his boss by lying about something so petty as attendance numbers, is a forced reality that is dangerous for the whole of our Republic. Just one more reason that We the People need to continue to be vigilant regarding this administration and its tactics.