Broken Promise #1: Conway States Trump Will Not Release Taxes

Continuing their promise to “Make America Great Again” –as they see it, that is–Senior Trump Administration Adviser Kellyanne Conway, when taken to task on the subject in an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” stated unequivocally that President Trump is “not going to release his tax returns,” citing that during the election the “People didn’t care” if he did or didn’t because they “voted for him.”

Well, let’s back up a step or two. I do believe, Ms Conway, the reason most people gave him a pass on his returns is because HE PROMISED that when the so-called audit of his taxes were done, he would release them. The people believed in his promise of transparency and let things ride, not because they didn’t care. Is this how he intends to reward his supporters and the rest of the nation he means to govern? With sleight of hand jargon and shell games? Thanks but no thanks. And to further debunk Conway’s assertion that the people don’t care, check out the CNN Poll from October finding that 73% of registered voters surveyed want Trump to release his returns to the public, And almost half of Republicans agree clocking in at a substantial 49% calling for him to release his returns.

So the burning question is why, WHY won’t Trump do what every president in modern history has done and just release the damn tax returns? The IRS has already said that an audit is absolutely no reason for anyone to not release their returns, basically obliterating Trump’s whole reason for not releasing them. Here are a couple reasons most individuals who subscribe to non-partisan common sense believe to be the reason The Donald refuses to be transparent in this regard:

  1. Amount of wealth: He’s not as rich as he’s claimed this whole time. Which means that his refusal to be transparent is solely a matter of protecting his ego, saving face as it were. A shallow a reason as ever to break a promise to the American people.
  2. Nefarious business dealings: Perhaps his returns would show some of the borderline illegal business maneuvering he’s so known for. Or, how he’s actually cheated the IRS out of taxes owed. Or it could reveal a settlement of some sort he paid to the government as a result of an array of questionable business dealings.
  3. Conflicts of Interest: It is well known that Trump’s empire is a sprawling mass of entities and sub entities that has interests all over the globe. Trump and his team have stated that he has stepped away from his interests and handed over the reigns to his children in a blind trust. Aside from the fact that no one believes he’s not going to guide and communicate with his children about the empire he intends to leave them, the existence of his empire still raises some obvious questions:
    1. With whom does Trump do business with around the world?
    2. How will those interests affect his decision making as President?
    3. Is his expressed desire to have a “cozy” relationship with Vladimir Putin an indicator of him making inroads to protect any interests he may have in the area? How does the appointment of Exxon Mobile CEO to Secretary of State, who also has a personal relationship with Putin, tie into this factor?

No conspiracy theories here folks. The mind just naturally deduces these things based on the information provided, or, in the case of Trump’s refusal to release his returns, not provided. And nope, Trump is under no legal mandate whatsoever to release his returns. But while he doesn’t have to by any means, it simply the right thing to do and not least of which because HE PROMISED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT HE WOULD.