White House Priority: Battling Press Over Minutiae & BS

Well, it’s entirely clear that the more “evolved” individuals now inhabit the White House. Yesterday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer called a “press conference” to, of all things, complain about the media’s wholly accurate and photographically substantiated reporting of Trump’s relatively lackluster attendance at his inauguration.

While the turn out was telling, when you consider the enormity of items that an administration needs to focus on, especially in its first 90 days, this summoning of the press pool for this reason was just, small-minded, petty and reeked of the very same reactionary petulance that is the hallmark of our new commander-in-chief.

As a nation, we face far too many issues both domestically and globally for Press Secretary Spicer to utilize his position as carnival barker to the president. So come on, let’s see what else you got, Mr. Spicer.