Shot Heard ‘Round the World 2017: Thousands Gather Globally to Hold Trump Accountable

Every generation faces a seminal moment, a time where we must decide to lay down or stand up, a time where we must come to terms with the rigors of political activism or take the easy way out and avoid the necessary fight.

I am proud to say that today, our nation decided to stand, fight, and make our voices heard THE RIGHT WAY.

There are many on the right or alt-right who will say that the thousands of women who’ve left their homes, children and jobs to descend on Washington and numerous city around our nation as well as around the world, amounts to nothing but a bunch of “whining”. I beg to differ, for this collective and passionate reaction was set in motion by President Trump himself. When he entered the the political fray by launching disparaging, vitriolic and degrading salvos against minorities, women and anyone who dared to speak against him, Trump began the birth of this new national and global movement.

During the campaign, #Trump said many times that, because of the early troop withdrawal from certain theaters of war, former President Obama “founded ISIS”. Well, then, by his own logic and divisive mannerisms, he then has armed, mobilized and given voice to his greatest domestic opposition: the people of these United States of America.

I will only say that my hope is that we remember that this moment in history is far bigger than Trump’s personality or our personal dislike of him. While we remember the ugly things that Trump the Candidate said as a guide to this man’s thinking, let’s focus more on what Trump the President does in terms of points to rally around and hold him accountable to.

Today is a beautiful day, it’s our democracy at its finest and optimal potential. Hate it or love it, this is the United States of America and here, we have the right to raise our voice.