Trump Protesters Clash w/ DC Police: The First Strategic Blunder for Progressives

So 2.5 hours into the Trump presidency and the division continues, this time, by protesters who are interacting violently and disrespectfully with DC Police. Tensions and anti trump sentiment are running understandably high.

But let’s be clear, this is not the way to show our strength or sound our voice. One cannot meet insult for insult, or blow for blow and expect to 1) be seen as better than their opponent and 2) outmaneuver an opponent that is clearly MUCH BETTER at mudslinging and dirty tactics than yourself.

This is why I say that emotion cannot rule the day nor the arch of the era in which we now enter. Emotion and heated venting and the hurtling of insults is not and will not keep this administration accountable. Only deliberate, strategic and informed countermeasures will, none of which have anything to do with throwing rocks at officers who are only there doing their jobs, people!

At last count, 95 people have been arrested for above what is deemed peaceful protest and free speech as protected under the law. And for what? What is now accomplished by such behavior? Nothing. Trump isn’t sweating this even a little folks. He’s got the Secret Service at his disposal and the whole of the US Military. He’s insulated and protected like you wouldn’t believe. But you know what he and every other politician does fear??

Votes. Remember that and let’s play to that strength and not the weakness of our emotions.