Trump Presidency Begins with Blessings from a Bigot

Pastor Robert Jeffress, leader of a 12,000 member christian “megachurch” in Dallas, Texas is slated to deliver a sermon at a private pre-inauguration ceremony with about 300 members attending including president-elect Donald Trump and vice president-elect Mike Pence.

The ceremony is an inaugural day tradition and, according to CNN, every president with the exception of Richard Nixon in 1973 has attended the ceremony since Franklin Roosevelt.

Jeffress is definitely a divisive figure, he has characterized every religion with the exception of his own, of course, as “from the pit of hell”. He stokes fears against Muslims, and, in a broad sense, has dismissed Islam as a phony religion. Much like Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor retired General Michael Flynn has.

And let’s not even discuss Jeffress’ hate-filled and discriminatory stance against the LGBTQ community. I mean, no surprise there, he’s a typical Southern Baptist preacher that, instead of showing love to those he agrees with, sows melodramatic discord by scaring his followers into believing that homosexual people are evil and condemned to hell.

And this is how the Trump Era begins … With a blessings from a bigot.