The Era of Donald J. Trump Is A Time for Action … Not Hopelessness

So, here we are, standing on the precipice of one of the most critical and controversial transfers of power in United States history. For better or worse, we awaken as a nation to the era of a Donald J. Trump presidency. I know that many pundits, experts, bloggers and my fellow everyday citizens feel a sense of foreboding; that the nation made the worst possible choice for president.

There are many of who are dismayed that Mr. Trump is able to ascend to the presidency in spite of his tasteless, bombastic rhetoric, divisive comments and bare-knuckled bar room brawler-esque style of campaigning that one him the hearts and minds of millions of Americans.

There are many of us who are frustrated –and rightfully so– that in spite of clear evidence that Russia, our greatest rival as a nation, interfered, or “hacked” the election, Trump gets to still hold the highest office in the land. Many of us are dismayed, frustrated and find ourselves with a sense of helplessness.

Well, the frustrations are valid, but I DO NOT feel helpless AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

First, understand clearly, one only has the “right” to coddle themselves in helplessness when one finds themselves in the unfortunate position when there is literally nothing that can be done to correct said situation. And this is not AT ALL where we are when it comes to the advent of a Trump presidency. Not even close.

We the people have the power, ALL the power that any citizenry could ever need. We have our voice, we have our vote. I’ve said this before and, in light of such negative sentiment from the left, I feel as though it must  be said again: STOP ALL THIS WHINING AND LET’S DO SOMETHING!

At the end of the day, if we care about this nation, we won’t focus on Trump the man, but we will focus on his policies. Focusing all this emotional energy is playing right into Trump’s hands! It’s precisely why he won the election without ever articulating a SINGLE FREAKING PIECE OF LEGISLATION during the campaign, we are all so focused on him and the things we don’t like about him personally. If we do what he does, sling insults, call him names, ad nauseam, how are we any better than him?

Now is the time to put away this petulance and get strategic, focus on his policies and hold him and his administration accountable by contacting your local representatives. Calling him names and getting together for “bitch” fests isn’t going to do a single damn things for our democracy, my friends. It’s about this country. And believe it or not, this is business, not personal.