Resistance Done Right: 26 Y/O KENNETH MEJIA Runs for Congress CA’s 34th District

Ok everyone, take note: This self-described 1st Generation American and forward thinking young man by the name of Kenneth Mejia has the 100% right idea!

He’s only 26 years of age, saw the direction our country is headed in and last year decided to step up to the plate and do something that can actually change the socio-political landscape of this country.

I ran across his story today while viewing some live Facebook feeds of #Trump’s inauguration. While the 45th president was being sworn in, Meija was on the west coast speaking to a crowd of hundreds that had gathered just to support him. It was truly a sight to behold!

As I’ve said, screaming, name-calling, aimless venting and rioting disguised as meaningful protest isn’t going to do a single thing to keep this administration accountable. What Kenneth Mejia and others like him are doing will: getting in the game and marshaling resources so the vote the next time around will go in a way that progressive minds desire. I, for one, applaud this young man and hope that others of us will rise from the consuming flame of our emotions and execute in a manner that is meaningful, productive and lends toward the well-being of this great democracy of ours.

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