Donald Trump Sworn in, Strikes Unifying Tone: But Which Trump Will Show Up to Work?

It’s official. Donald J. Trump is now the 45th president of these United States. I watched his inaugural address live on CNN.COM and, in spite of the numerous conciliatory overtures he made during the relatively brief address, I couldn’t help but wondering which Trump will show up to work everyday at the White House, “Inaugural Address Trump” or Divisive, Rude & Mudslinging Trump from the campaign trail.

I want to state clearly here: I WANT TRUMP TO SUCCEED in a way that will move ALL Americans forward, because if he fails as the leader of our nation, our nation fails right along with him. and no one wants that.

However, based on some of the things he’s said both during and post the 2016 campaign, there are concerns. He’s cabinet is rife with individuals who are less than friendly to minorities and the LGBTQ community. These are FACTS, not rhetoric. Steve Bannon, formerly of Breitbart News personally oversaw of the most racist, xenophobic platforms in media. With Mr. Bannon writing many of the articles himself. Mr. Bannon will now be chief strategist of the Trump Administration. Ret. General Michael Flynn has said that Islam isn’t a true religion and has a very unfavorable view of those who practice it. Mr. Flynn is Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor.

So amidst the pageantry, excitement and flow of goodwill that is inauguration day, let’s not forget what we’re getting, who is at the helm of our country. Let’s not get so caught up in Trump’s personality and how much we like, or dislike it that we can’t be smart and vigilant about what he may be doing policy wise. Respect the office but let’s watch the policies and speak out when things are incorrect. This isn’t the end, not even close, my friends, it’s just the beginning!