Over It: Betsy DeVos and the Senseless Gun Debate

Ok, so, I’m going to make this post as short and not-so-sweet as possible. The gun debate in this country is ridiculous, obtuse and downright shameful. Foe eons, the National Rifle Association has put forth this myth: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Wait — What??

Well, how about if we didn’t make it so damn easy in this country for every Tom, Dick and (Dirty) Harry to get a gun? I def believe in the 2nd Amendment which grants rights for the citizenry to bare arms. But, this isn’t the early 1700′s where townships were protected by rag tag militias who may have to kill a wayward intruder on the early frontier and a grizzly for dinner all at the same time.

Oh, and speaking of grizzlies: Betsy DeVos, wealthy socialite and Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, gave as rationale for schools to have guns is that, basically, they may need to protect themselves from grizzlies.

Again, I say — WHAT?

I don’t need to recount the very recent history in this country of its unfortunate and violent relationship with firearms. Newton, Sandy Hook, Colorado Theater shooting, Pulse nightclub and pretty much every damn day in Chicago. There’s nothing wrong with including some common sense without taking away an individuals right to bear arms. What in the world is wrong with doing background checks and making sure any loony tune with some cash can’t buy a gun and walk into, I don’t know, say, a nightclub in Florida and wound 53 and murder 50 innocent and unsuspecting individuals. While the bearing of firearms is indeed a right under constitutional law, we must understand that it is a right that bears the weight of privilege. There’s a reason why convicted felons lose the right to bear arms. They’ve shown themselves unworthy of the great responsibility and privilege that comes with bearing arms.

So, that being the case, what in the hell is wrong with making sure individuals will be responsible with firearms in the pre-emptive sense? Betsy DeVos, I’m sure has great intentions, she sure seems like a nice lady. But all that money has enclosed her in a cocoon of hearts and flowers and shielded her from the bloody, flesh tearing, family destroying, teeth gnashing reality that is the continuous and perpetual wake of gun violence.

Our states were formed and meant to be governed –not controlled– by responsible leaders. If ever there is a need for them to lead it is in this situation. Don’t take away our guns, just stop making them accessible to everyone like they’re candy. And really, is that too much to ask?