Trump’s Outlook on NATO Pushes Against World Peace & Stability

When I saw this article on CNN, my jaw dropped. Not because I was surprised that such nonsensical rhetoric came from a man who’s made, & continues to make his “political bones” by being outrageous and completely out of touch. It’s worked for him as it relates to his ambition, no doubt.

But the question is: Will it work for America and its allies?

In an interview with two European journalists, Trump flatly declared NATO, the world’s biggest peace keeping armada comprised of our closest allies, as “obsolete”. Excuse me? WHAT?? Since World War II, NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has been the gold standard in terms of standing up to the tyrants of the world, tyrants like Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who, insanely enough, Trump seems hell bent on having a cozy relationship with.

Um, nope, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Left and right wing politicos, by an overwhelming & majority consensus, agree that essentially, Russia is not a friend to America or its interests but Trump seems to think differently. And his way of thinking, just days before he takes the helm of our nation, literally threatens to upend world stability. Our European allies are worried about Trump’s latest rhetoric regarding NATO. And Trump’s main reason is that NATO should be paying their fare share. There is far more to stability than money. I wish someone would just tell Trump that. Be vigilant, my friends, we are on the precipice of a new Dark Age.