Podcast #25: A Tale of Two Tragedies – The Monsters We Create

In early January, 2017, four African American teens kidnapped a special needs White American kid and tortured and beat him mercilessly simply because he was white. On June 17, 2015 Dylan Roof, a White American male, walked walked calmly into a historical African American church and murdered nine innocents because the were Black.  Many have celebrated Roof’s death sentence that was passed down on January 10. And many have celebrated that the four African American teens were caught and will most certainly be going to prison. Do the offenders in each instance deserve their punishment? I most certainly and unequivocally believe they do. Nevertheless, it’s my strong opinion that neither form of punishment deserves to be celebrated. As a society, we need to search our collective soul and come to terms that we all have created the environment that watered such poisoned thinking, that cultivated these monsters. Solutions are to be celebrated, not tragedies. And it’s absolutely a tragedy that these young Americans—Roof and the four African American teens—have decided to choose their respective foolhardy and destructive paths. We feel for the victims in both cases but there can only be more such incidences if we don’t abandon this finger pointing and side taking and find solutions to what is tearing us apart. Thanks for joining the conversation.