Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: An Enduring Legacy.

maxresdefaultThis week, we celebrate venerable and undeniable legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There really is no need to go in depth into what he did for this nation fro a civil advancement perspective because the contributions this great man made to the positive evolution of our society are too immense to enumerate or distill down to a few words in a blog post.

Nevertheless, I would, and we all would be remiss if we didn’t evoke, not only on the day justifiably dedicated to him by federal law but each and every day, the spirit of commitment, intestinal fortitude and deep empathy this man embodied during his short days here on this earth.He stood for justice from the perspective of equality, not partisanship. He stood for peace, even in the face of gross physical abuse and violence. He stood for love when he was bombarded by hate by those who abhorred his call to for us to act according to simple human consideration and decency.

I believe if Dr. King were alive today and witnessed the near barbaric rise of #trump to the office of the presidency, he wouldn’t have engaged on the #president-elects near childish, absurd and reactionary level. I believe the civil rights icon, out of respect for the office that Mr. Trump will hold, would have entreated the wily businessman and engaged him in a way that would have made trump think, not that trump would change, but at least he would think and respect the Southern Baptist preacher once they’d parted company.

Imagine that for a second: The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and Donald J. Trump sitting in the Map Room or Roosevelt Room inside the White House, looking across from one another, one confrontational chomping for domination and the other poised, focused and peaceful focused on a solution. I mean, I could be mistake, perhaps Mr. Trump would have had the decency to treat Mr. King with the respect he not only deserved but earned but if his recent thrashing of civil rights legend Rep. John Lewis is any indication, Trump probably wouldn’t give a hot damn, especially if Dr. King dared to voice a difference of opinion in the hallowed space.

Even so, and irregardless of Trump’s response to said conversation, I believe that Dr. King would have kept it positive and maintained his respect for the office of the president. And I believe we must do the same if we ever hope to move past this emotion filled state of things that are ensuing us as a society today. I believe leaving that meeting, depending on the outcome, Dr. King would have done the only thing that any of us can do today: he would have mobilized his base and gave them the mandate to be vigilant and to hold Trump and his cabinet accountable at every turn and if they violate social progress, if they violate the very things he and thousands of others in his era shed blood for, then we should rise up in civil disobedience and put the political class on notice that they will hear our voice the next time the voting booth opens. He would have encouraged us to intelligently, strategically and empathetically disrupt. And this is what we must do. Raise our voice and let it be known that no matter the cost, we will not be silenced. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everyone!