Podcast #19: Legacy Reborn w/ Lamin Jatta

In the EOI Season 2 premiere episode, we speak with Lamin Jatta and the humanitarian and activist speaks gracefully and forthrightly about the unique sense of legacy he feels as a direct descendant of his foundation’s iconic and historical namesake. He also speaks of the whirlwind Emmy nomination process for the 2016 iteration of Roots, for which he acted as senior advisor. He addresses the riff between he and rapper Snoop Dogg regarding the significance of Roots for this generation as well as his partnership with heavyweights like Tyler Perry that are key in helping him move his mission forward. Most importantly, this is a man who simply wants the world to see one truth: that we are all one race, we feel the same things and love in the same manner. That these are things that should unite us, not divide us.