Podcast #17: The Method, The Madness w/ Justice Calo Reign

He has a degree in psychology. He’s coached athletics at the NCAA level. He served his country with honor after graduating from the Air Force Academy. And, as a gender fluid individual, he served in the military at a time when his sexual orientation meant he was persona non grata under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell rule of law. The conversation with Susty Entertainment CEO Justice Calo reign ran the gamut from how he came out to his parents, how he overcame the dogma of religion in order to be free to love and live his truth as a gay black man in America. We also touched on race relations and, as a member of the LGBT community, how the recent and senseless loss of life at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida has impacted him and the community he loves so much. Outstanding conversation with an exceptional individual. This episode was also broadcasted live on Periscope on 6.14.2016. Watch the video at: periscope.tv/alhtheauthor